Ableton live features a unique “Matrix” interface

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Ike’s Sandwich Shop is offering its top 3 best selling sandwiches for just $7 each Nov. 3 8 in honor of National Sandwich Day. Must purchase a drink. Ableton live features a unique “Matrix” interface, as well as the standard horizontal channel strips. Ableton Live is an innovative DAW designed for sampling, looping, and DJing as well as recording. Clips of recorded audio can be saved as loops and dropped into a Matrix view, where they can be triggered and layered with others.

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This is the dilemma facing hunters and anglers and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) when it comes to many State Wildlife Areas (SWAs). According to CPW Southeast Area Wildlife Manager Frank McGee, SWAs are set aside for “wildlife habitat and for wildlife related recreation to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with the wildlife habitat value.” Wildlife related recreation is typically hunting and fishing, but can also include wildlife viewing and bird watching. But while you need a license to go on a SWA to hunt and fish, you don’t need one to watch wildlife, which along with hiking or cycling, creates a funding disparity..

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